Problems Facing Wholesale Distribution Professionals

In the marketplace today, wholesale distribution has become increasingly complex as suppliers struggle to balance increased competition, high customer expectations, and low profit margins.


Disintermediation & Growing Customer Expectations

In the growing wholesale marketplace, manufacturers are now transacting directly with retailers, effectively cutting distributors out of the equation.

Tight Margins

Competition from the global marketplace dictates that inventory costs be kept as low as possible and that business runs as lean as possible.

Advanced Technology

Distributors need to adapt advanced technologies such as RFID, robotics and smart machines to stay competitive, but investing in technology is expensive and time-consuming.

As Wholesale Distributors race to stay competitive, establishing a business solution that is specifically customized to address all of these new problem areas is imperative.

Introducing SuiteSuccess

From 0 to Cloud in 100 Days or Less

NetSuite has introduced SuiteSuccess to make it easy and affordable for industry leaders to adapt cloud based technologies.

For interested Wholesale Distributors, SuiteSuccess offers the complete NetSuite package designed with implementation efficiency and best practices to transition your business from the ground to the cloud in less than 100 days.

SuiteSuccess for Wholesale Distribution is the result of NetSuite’s decades of experience and expertise in solving wholesale distribution specific business problems.

The standard evolution of this solution for Wholesale Distribution users is simplified here in 5 key phases.

Establish robust processes and systems to ensure that wholesale distributors have full visibility of customers, orders, SKUs, inventory and billing.
Transform the business by adding relevant e-commerce and omni-channel capabilities. These capabilities can differentiate the business by offering superior customization options and enhance the overall customer experience.
After transitioning from legacy systems to the cloud, deeper wholesale industry problems can be addressed. These include inefficiencies in the supply chain, automation of systems, setting up RFID tags and more.
Once legacy systems are cut out of the environment, focus shifts to establishing robust warehousing and transportation management systems. This will improve warehouse and operational productivity and accuracy, as well as cut costs and optimize field and freight movements.
Now, business will accelerate at an unprecedented pace as innovative and disruptive strategies are implemented. Such strategies include pricing and margin management, and business intelligence, or marketing automation, that can scale up margins for business.
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Discover the Benefits of Deploying SuiteSuccess with Techfino

Continuous customer lifecycle engagement ensures seamless continuity from sales to services to support.
Full visibility across the organization to operate at the speed of modern business, drive results and scale appropriately.
Nearly two decades of expertise across hundreds of wholesale distribution deployments to drive value from Day 1.
100+ pre-built reports and preconfigured roles with dashboards and business intelligence metrics designed from 3,000+ hours’ worth of industry-leading best practices.